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Game Server Monitoring 

I was brought on to the staff team to bring my technical expertise to help maintain and improve the state of our systems. 

The first thing I did in order to get an idea of how the servers were used was to install some monitoring software. 

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Database-Linked Dataclasses

The most common use of a class in Python is acting as a data container. Throughout the development of our backend libraries at Narrative Science, we’ve seen several generations of code that attempts to make modeling this data easy.

Finding a simple to use abstraction for these type of classes allows us to focus less on writing mundane classes and more on our business logic.

In this post we will outline the evolution of this code and the pros and drawbacks of each approach.

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Serverless SFTP in AWS

At Narrative Science we believe in giving our engineers the freedom to innovate. We do this through an annual 3-day hackathon and quarterly hack days. In addition, we have an Incubation Team that works on prototyping ideas not otherwise found on our roadmap. 

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