Programming Stuff (10)

Managing IAM more sanely

AWS IAM is the global permissions system that AWS uses. People are often mystified by how it works and often end up just giving everything *.* permissions. 

In this post I'll discuss things I learned while managing the IAM configuration at Narrative Science and hopefully allow you can learn from our failures so you can manage your IAM account in a much for sane and scalable way.

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Disaster Averted

I have been Technical Staff at for about a year as of writing this. One of the big things that bothered me when I first got onboard was how disorganized and chaotic the state of the infrastructure was. There wasn't a lot of it but it was old and fragile, and soon to be some serious hardware issues that needed to be addressed.

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Game Server Monitoring 

I was brought on to the staff team to bring my technical expertise to help maintain and improve the state of our systems. 

The first thing I did in order to get an idea of how the servers were used was to install some monitoring software. 

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