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Disaster Averted

I have been Technical Staff at for about a year as of writing this. One of the big things that bothered me when I first got onboard was how disorganized and chaotic the state of the infrastructure was. There wasn't a lot of it but it was old and fragile, and soon to be some serious hardware issues that needed to be addressed.

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I'm officially a "professional" game designer!

Okay okay, maybe that title is a bit of an overstatement, but I have very exciting news!

Among my many hobbies; one I've been doing since the beginning of the pandemic is level design, specifically for the game: Team Fortress 2.

I'm excited to share that today Valve purchased a level that I worked on (with a team of 8 others)!

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Game Server Monitoring 

I was brought on to the staff team to bring my technical expertise to help maintain and improve the state of our systems. 

The first thing I did in order to get an idea of how the servers were used was to install some monitoring software. 

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